Leather jackets can be badass. Leather jackets can also make you look like a complete poser who has doesn’t have the smallest inkling of fashion sense.

It all comes down to picking the right one for you - and if you thought that there was only one style of leather jacket, you thought wrong.

There are styles, and then there are types of leather. We’re going to break everything down below. Although we can’t (in good faith) recommend a one-size-fits-all leather jacket, we can arm you with knowledge about them and some reliable places to buy them.

Choosing your leather jacket style

You can find all sorts of coats - such as peacoats and overcoats - that are made out of leather. But the traditional leather jacket is usually found in three different styles:

The Bomber - similar to a traditional bomber jacket, this is a style of leather jacket that can be either dressed up or dressed down. So you can toss it on when you run to the store, or you can use it to top off your favorite formal outfit.
The Double Rider - this is what you think of when you picture a classic motorcycle leather jacket. There are a myriad of folds and buttons throughout for storage, and it gives you the true “leather look”.
The Cafe Racer - this is a minimalist style of leather jacket that looks similar to an ordinary windbreaker. The collar is smaller, there are fewer folds than on the Double Rider, and it’s more of an “everyday” leather jacket.

perfecto biker jacket

Of course, there are other styles of leather jackets, but if you are getting your very first one, we’d highly recommend sticking with one of the above three. They’re popular for a reason.

Choosing your type of leather

The type of leather makes a big difference in how heavy your jacket is and how it feels to the touch.

Cowhide - extremely durable, a leather jacket made out of cowhide will likely last you over a decade. However, it’s rough to the touch, and it’s heavy.
Lamb - much lighter and softer than cowhide, but not as warm. Perfect for spring and fall.
Goat - in between cowhide and lamb, you should get goat leather if you want a leather jacket but you’re not sure what you’ll wear it with.
Buffalo/bison - the heaviest of the heavy. Get this if you need a winter coat that will protect you from anything and hold up for decades.

leather jacket for men

Where to buy your leather jacket

Many companies sell leather jackets - we’ll give you four names of popular companies to get you started with your browsing.

Aero Leather and Caine are two low-end leather jacket manufacturers - these ones won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

SchottNYC and Temple of Jawnz are the best out there - but also very expensive due to the quality of the leather they use.


Blindly picking a leather jacket is recipe for disaster - but arming yourself with the information necessary to pick a good one can have you looking dapper beyond your wildest dreams.

Re-read the above information, visit one of the suggested companies, and get a leather jacket. Your first one will always be a risk, but who knows - you may just end up looking as badass as you’d hoped for.

leather jacket for men

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