So you're probably surfing the web these days looking to cop the latest and hottest gear for your summer swag. Well make sure you don't look like a fuccboi by buying some wack brands that will have even primary school laughing at you. That's why we came up with this guide to introduce you the brands which have so much dopeness people will literally be stopping you every 100 yards to ask where you got your kit.

5/ Odd Future / Golf Wang

Created by Odd Future's fashion collective and Tyler the Creator, Golf Wang is off the wall. Full of color and whacky designs, it's really got everyone's attention every time it releases a new collection and their latest 2015 summer edition is everything we want to see from the LA based brand. Just look at how it's all sold out these last few days!

odd future collection summer 2015

4/ HUF

Started out as a skateboard brand with Keith Hufnagel at the wheel, HUF became a major player in the streetwear game since skateboard has seeped into the mainstream. Famed for its blank t-shirt with big marijuana print square and the print HUF in the middle, they are now a major brand of t-shirts, shirts, sweaters but also caps, beanies and even shoes.

3/ Palace Skateboards

Also started as a skateboard brand, Palace branched out into t-shirts and very quickly made its print on the fashion game. Triangles is their signature design, with varying layouts and prints, perfect for rocking with a pair of jeans and a snapback or a 5 panel.

2/ HBA

To be honest, it may be one of the most overpriced streetwear brands right now, but everybody wants to be rocking it. Crossing way over the boundaries of fashion, Hood by Air is just pumping out the dopest t-shirts, pants and sweaters to hit the game, and every time it’s something that we’ve never seen or even imagined for that point before.

1/ Supreme

Preme. Every hypebeast’s favorite place for camp outs. Many might call the New York brand a little overated, but Supreme’s influence on the game, and the consistency they manage to maintain keeps everyone looking out for their next collection. Always collaborating with great brands, often for performance (such as The North Face), they always add that extra swag touch to all their kits, and if you’re looking to get fitted out this summer, Supreme will definitely not be a bad choice.

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