If you're all about following the dopest trends on clothing and accessories then you know trends move fast. Real fast. Like "it's here, yo that's it it's gone, you didn't see it? It was here, really". Nah just fooling around, but you definitely need to read up on some websites and while here at Blvck Swvg we do our best to keep you all up to date, it's never a bad thing to just go around and see what other websites are talking about.

Here is a list of websites you need to check up on regularly if you want to keep dope and especially if you don't want kids pointing and laughing at your massive baggy jeans from 2005!

men's fashion

High Snobiety

Definitely one of the leaders when it comes to classic swag, the team down at high snobiety always offer and break the latest updates on releases. New summer collections, or winter capsules, they're on it. Latest Supreme collab, you heard it first there. They also have a pretty cool snob shots section where people Instagram themselves and tag them, so that they'll show up there and viewers up vote the ones they like, which is a nice touch. Furthermore, they have an online shop where they sell select collections from some of the top brands which are not easy to come by. Check out there website by googling High Snobiety, you'll find it pretty easily ;).



Originally focusing mainly on sneakers, Hypebeast has become High Snobiety nemesis, even down to adopting the same website template layout. They focus on all sorts of fashion news, including clothing and always showcasing the latest sneaker releases, but they can also push back the limits a bit more into technology, design and art. They post every day and also update their Facebook and Instagram feeds so you can just follow them there, or check out their website by a similar manner as I mentioned for High Snobiety.



OK someone, somewhere reading this just jumped out of their seat. Complex is supposed to be the number source for Hip Hop news, but that is incredibly close to streetwear considering that streetwear fashion is basically hip hop's branch of clothing. You can get tons of cool news from them too, they don't talk about every single release, but they do feature some really detailed and cool guides and features about all sorts of fashion related subject which makes them a good go-to source every time you want to brush up on your basics. You will however have to go through a lot of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian private life stories before you find what you're looking for, but it's worth it, mark our words.


GQ is actually the daddy of men's fashion and should probably have been number one in this list. However since they are not really focused on streetwear, they will fit fine just here. It's the reference to go to when you need to know everything there is to know about men's clothing style and how to not look like a dork. They also do tons of pieces on the latest technology, cars and entertainment, so it's pretty comprehensive to just go ahead with that one every now and then, but you should know that once you start browsing on there, you're not done until at least an hour after browsing from one semi-relevant subject to another totally random. Visit with care.

Bese Saka

This is actually a smaller website, but not inferior in any way. You'll have less trash to trawl through before finding the golden nuggets that you're looking for, which is more than can be said for a couple of the sites about. Specialized in sneakers, streetwear and style, Bese Saka is run by a small team of editors which are passionate about everything related to men's fashion and it's really worth heading over there every now and then to brush up on your streetwear knowledge and style ethics!


You know it all, now go out there and stay tuned to what the streets have to tell you! And also don't forget to come back here every now and then for a selection of the top releases and freshest news!


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